New Portraits

It has been a while since I posted on my website. These are some portraits I made in the last months.

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Better late than never. I finally found some time to upload my picture of our trip to the Philippines at the beginning of this year.

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Me, Adrienne and Thomas travelled through Japan for almost the entire month of November. It was an amazing experience. A beautiful country, extremely well organized, with very polite and friendly people.



A few weeks ago we went on a short trip to Berlin. It is a great city full of history.

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The Wedding Season

I never really thought of myself as a wedding photographer, but somehow, these last months three couples asked me to take their wedding pictures. Taking pictures at a wedding seemed like a huge responsibility and a bit stressful, but a the same time it would be a nice opportunity to do what I love. I prepared myself, read some nice books about wedding photography, such as “Captured by the Light” by Ziser, and talked over the weddings with the couples. I have been at two weddings now and the next one is Friday next week.
It is fun, but also really a lot of work. Not only on the day it self, when you have to be alert all the time, but also afterwards when selecting and editing the pictures.

Roel and Yuliya

Arjen and Lotte

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Camping in the Wild in Norway

Inspired by our adventure in Sweden two years ago, Johan me and Arjen went on a trip to Norway. The Norwegian allemannsrett gives everybody the right to access the uncultivated land in the countryside, allowing us to set up camp pretty much anywhere we liked.

We picked a place on the map that I ordered online a few weeks before, and drove as close as we could with our small Peugeot rental car. From there it was off into the wilderness on foot, looking for suitable sites to set up camp. I marked our camp sites on the map below. On day five Arjen wanted to have the real ‘lone survivor’ feeling and spend a day and night alone at our first camp site.

We had all possible weather conditions, ranging from sunshine to hail, snow, hard winds and rain. With temperatures ranging from 10C during the day to -10C in the nights, it wasn’t like a picnic in the park, but then again, that wasn’t what we aimed for any way.



Last weekend Adrienne me and Thomas were on Schiermonnikoog, a very nice and quiet island off the coast of Friesland. We had a great time there, walking and biking around.

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No far away city, no models, just family this time. We are having so much fun with our little Thomas who just turned 1. It is amazing how fast it all goes. Just the more reasons to take pictures and document all the great times together!

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The Blog is Losing Color

My blog is slowly losing its color. I notice that after using black and white film for a while, I have developed a preference for black and white photography. It is a different kind of photography, the emphasis in the pictures is on different aspects, textures, light / dark contrasts, shapes and content. I have revisited my pictures of and converted them to black and white with Nik’s Silver Efex 2.0 which is an awesome program.

Pictures don’t always look good in black and white. Most of the family pictures will remain in color, but sometimes it does work out.

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The Seasons

Some time ago “The Seasons” contacted me for a new photo shoot for the release of their second cd. We decided that the perfect location would be an old abandoned factor. Jacqueline helped with the make-up. It was a truly great location. Have a look at their website for the color versions of the pictures.


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