A Trip to Florida

From the 9th until the 24th of February I was in Orlando. I flew there for a conference. Thomas and Adrienne joined on the 15th and together we went on a trip through Florida.

Our first stop was St. Augustine, a city in Northeast Florida and the oldest oldest European-established settlement in the US. It is a nice place with the oldest houses and streets in the US. Still not very impressive for europeans though because most of our streets and houses are much older. A funny old man was there with a map of the world asking passerby’s to stick a pin into the place they were born.

After our stop in St. Augustine we went to Crystal River to swim with manatees. The manatees come there because the water in the river is warm compared to the ocean. It was an amazing experience.

Miami was next. I wasn’t very impressed by the city or Miami Beach. It wasn’t as glamorous as I imagined. Just another big American city.

The Everglades which we visited from Miami were amazing. Numerous alligators were just a few meters away from us. It was a great experience.

All these pictures were taken with my analog Leica M7 camera and Ilford FP4+ film. It was a lot of fun to take and develop them. I hope you like them.

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  1. zus March 4th, 2013 10:01

    ha ha, jouw reiger fotot’s zijn heel wat beter dan de mijne!

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