Camping in the Wild in Norway

Inspired by our adventure in Sweden two years ago, Johan me and Arjen went on a trip to Norway. The Norwegian allemannsrett gives everybody the right to access the uncultivated land in the countryside, allowing us to set up camp pretty much anywhere we liked.

We picked a place on the map that I ordered online a few weeks before, and drove as close as we could with our small Peugeot rental car. From there it was off into the wilderness on foot, looking for suitable sites to set up camp. I marked our camp sites on the map below. On day five Arjen wanted to have the real ‘lone survivor’ feeling and spend a day and night alone at our first camp site.

We had all possible weather conditions, ranging from sunshine to hail, snow, hard winds and rain. With temperatures ranging from 10C during the day to -10C in the nights, it wasn’t like a picnic in the park, but then again, that wasn’t what we aimed for any way.


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  1. Pa May 6th, 2013 16:50

    Mooie foto’s hoor. Op Facebook las ik van iemand die schreef dat er weinig te lachen viel. Het is natuurlijk ook een serieuze zaak zo’n survival. Gelukkig was er nog een onderbroek barbecue daar komt de ware spirit boven.
    Mooie trip, jammer dat jullie geen elanden tegen het lijf liepen.
    Blij dat jullie, op wat blaren na, weer heelhuids thuis zijn. Volgende keer naar Finland?

  2. maatje May 7th, 2013 16:20

    Happily you survived… because of ‘Indiana’?

  3. Jeff Abrahamson May 19th, 2013 08:53

    Nice photo essay on a fun adventure. But clearly you didn’t have waterproof socks. 😉

    It changes everything.

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