The Wedding Season

I never really thought of myself as a wedding photographer, but somehow, these last months three couples asked me to take their wedding pictures. Taking pictures at a wedding seemed like a huge responsibility and a bit stressful, but a the same time it would be a nice opportunity to do what I love. I prepared myself, read some nice books about wedding photography, such as “Captured by the Light” by Ziser, and talked over the weddings with the couples. I have been at two weddings now and the next one is Friday next week.
It is fun, but also really a lot of work. Not only on the day it self, when you have to be alert all the time, but also afterwards when selecting and editing the pictures.

Roel and Yuliya

Arjen and Lotte

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  1. Pa August 23rd, 2013 09:39

    Mooie foto’s hoor, jammer dat je er niet was bij onze bruiloft ;-).

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